Mil-Spec Wire Source

Military Connectors

In the family of MIL-Spec Wire, military connectors are connectors that conform to military specifications in order to be used in the needed application. The deliberate and well planned design of the connectors incorporates the necessity to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications. Military connectors are intended for harsh, unforgiving environments. Military connectors have a low failure rate. Performance is so high for the product because stringent military specifications dictate mature technology. Many MIL Spec numbers for connectors exist like MS3106, MS3102 and MIL-C-26500.

When pinpointing the connector configuration part of military connectors, there are some focal factors to consider. These include number of contacts, shell size, contact type, specific military specifications met, shell style or gender, coupling type, contact size, contact termination options, backshell accessories included, lanyard included, and applicability to audio or visual applications.

You may see military connectors under another name. A few popular ones used for military connectors rear accessories include: endbells, strain-relief clamps, cable clamps, and backshells. They all are the same product.