The M16878 MIL-SPEC wire is a high performance, low weight MIL-SPEC with temperature rankings of -65 to 260 degrees Celsius. Consisting of voltage scores from 250 to 5000 volts, M16878 is utilized on digital and harness applications through the armed forces, Aerospace, medical electronics and many other commercial industries and is mostly used for the internal wiring of electronic equipment. 

Along with possessing an outstanding temperature ranting and voltage rating, M16878 is also constructed from a choice of insulation and conductor types, including the PTFE. PTFE insulation is reliable and exhibits exceptional resistance to ultra-violet radiation, stress, chemicals and mold growth while being both non-toxic and biocompatible.  The PTFE insulation in M16878 also allows for savings in both space and weight compared to other insulation types for hook up MIL-SPEC cables. 

Our large inventory of M16878 wires is stocked in a variety of sizes and weights and can be stripped, twisted or cut to your liking.  

M16878 In Stock

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