Our M3432 is a flexible and durable MIL-SPEC cable designed for use in generator, machinery, and aircraft and has a wide variety of applications such as electronic, electrical, and power control. The strength of M3432 is specifically designed to handle considerable abuse and is what is typically found in military environments. Along with abuse, M3432 is also to handle the harshest of conditions and remains flexible and durable in both extreme heat to extreme cold. M3432 is available in three different sizes. The different sizes for the MIL-SPEC wires will have HFF or HDF in its part number. 

M3432 Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty is the strongest and most durable of the M3432 models. This MIL-SPEC can withstand heavyweights, continual impacts and can even handle being run over by vehicles, including tanks and trucks. 

M3432 Medium Duty

Medium Duty is lighter than the Heavy Duty, but when it comes to strength, Medium Duty M3432 is about the same as the Heavy Duty. However; it can not be run over by a vehicle. 

M3432 Small Duty

Small Duty is the lightest version of M3432. This lightweight MIL-SPEC cable is ideal for application in the aerospace industry where weight is an important factor to consider and is in high demand for airborne applications that require high flexibility in extreme temperature conditions. 

M3432 In Stock

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