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M3432 cable is a flexible and durable Mil-Spec cable. Electronic, electrical, and power control applications in generators, machinery, and aircraft typically use this cable. The MIL-3432 cable has the strength to handle abuse found in military environments. It also remains flexible in extremely low and high temperatures. It is available in three sizes.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty is the strongest and most durable model. This Mil-Spec cable can withstand heavy weights and continual impacts like being run over by tanks and trucks. 

Medium Duty

Medium Duty is lighter but has the same strength as Heavy Duty. However, it can not handle the weight of a vehicle. 

Small Duty

This lightweight Mil-Spec cable is ideal for applications in the aerospace industry where weight is an important factor to consider. It is especially useful in applications that require high flexibility in extreme temperature conditions. 

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