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MIL-W-5086 is an insulated aircraft MIL-SPEC wire used in the aerospace industry. It has a strong resistance to impact, liquids, chemicals, and abrasions. Commonly constructed for critical circuit applications, M5086 is the perfect cable solution when operating in hazardous conditions. 

The M5086 wire construction consists of a stranded tinned copper conductor, white PVC insulation, and a clear nylon outer jacket. Electronic or electrical applications often use this Mil-Spec wire as well. The M5086 wire comes in different sizes, changing materials depending on the size.

There are two common styles of M5086: MIL-W-5086 Type I and Type II, which are both unshielded aircraft Mil-Spec wire. 

Type 1

The M5086 Type 1 is resistant to water, aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids, oils, Skydrol, dilute acids, ethylene glycol, alkalis, alcohol, fungus, and abrasions. 

Type 2

The M5086 Type 2 has the same attributes as the Type 1. However, it also has a temperature range of -55º Celsius to +105º Celsius and a voltage rating of 600 volts. Airframe wire is usually Type 2 M5086 wire.

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